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Gk bits for competitive exams 2013

General knowledge questions for IBPS, Bank clerk, Postal assistant, SSC and RRB

1. Destruction of RBC takes place in ?
Answer: Spleen

2. Who is the founder of Girl Guides ?
Answer: Agnes Powell

3. Who is the founder of Boy Scout ?
Answer: Robert Baden-Powell

4. Which Place is known as Little Tibet ?
Answer: Ladakh

5. Which Article in Indian Constitution that exempts Jammu & Kashmir from the catagory of ordinary states ?
Answer: Article 152

* 6. Which is the coal containing highest percentage of carbon ?
Answer:  Anthracite

* 7. How many types of writ can be issued by the Supreme Court ?
Answer: 5

*8. Which is the first UN agency to admit Palestine as a full member ?
Answer: UNESCO

*9.  Who is the first Chairperson of National Human Rights Commission ?
Answer: Rangnath Misra

* 10. Which of the following Union Territories has a Legislative Assembly ?

a. Puducherry
b. Chandigarh
c. Lakshadweep
d. Dadra and Nagar Haveli

Did you know Where is the first Cyber Police Station in India ?


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