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Expected gk questions: IBPS, RRB, PSC

Expected General Knowledge questions for all competitive exams (IBPS, RRB, Postal Assistant,PSC etc)

Current affairs Gk questions

Make sure you knew at least two recent year and venue of the events.

1. 2012 Olympics is held at ?
Answer: London

2. Venue of 2016 Olympics (The next Olympics will be held at) ?
Answer:  Riode Genero (Brazil)

3. Venue of 2014 Winter Olympics ?
Answer: Sochi (Russia)

4.  2012 Summer Paralympics is held at ?
Answer: London

5. Venue of 2016 Summer Paralympics ?
Answer: Rio de Genero (Brazil)

6.  Venue of 2014 Winter Paralympics ?
Answer: Sochi (Russia)

7. 2010 World Cup Football was held at ?
Answer: South Africa

8. Where is the venue of 2014 World Cup Football ?
Answer:  Brazil
Brand ambassador of the 2014 FIFA World Cup ?
Answer: Pele

9. Where is the venue of 2018 FIFA World Cup ?
Answer:  Russia

10. Where is the venue of 2022 World Cup Football ?
Answer:  Qatar

11. 2010 Commonwealth Games was held at ?
Answer:  Delhi

12. 2014 Commonwealth Games will be held at ?
Answer: Glasgow (Scotland)

13. Where is the Venue of 2018 Commonwealth Games ?
Answer: Gold Coast (Australia)

14. 2012 Euro Cup Football was held at ?Answer: Poland and Ukraine

15. Where is the Venue of 2016 Euro Cup Football ?
Answer: France

16.  Where is the Venue of 2015 World Cup Cricket ?
Answer: Australia and New Zealand

17. Which country host the 2019 World Cup Cricket ?
Answer: England

18. Which country host the 2014 T-20 World Cup Cricket ?
Answer: Bangladesh

19. Which country host the 2016 T-20 World Cup Cricket ?
Answer: India

20. Where is the Venue of 2013 Asian Games ?
Answer: Inchean (South Korea)

* 21. Where is the venue of 2013 world athletic championship ?
answer: Moscow (Russia)

* 22.  Which country host the 2023 World Cup Cricket ?
Answer: India

* newly updated
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  1. gk questions

    1. Which country host the 2014 Hockey World Cup?
    Answer: Hague (Netherlands)

    2. Which country hosts 2013 Women's Cricket World Cup?
    Answer: India

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