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General knowledge questions 2016 about Sports

Important General knowledge Questions and Answers About Tennis Tournament

1. In which Country Tennis originated ?
Answer: France

2. In which Country Modern Tennis originated ?
Answer: England

3. What is the length of standard Tennis Court ?
Answer:  78 feet

4. Where is the headquarters of International Tennis Federation ?
Answer: Roehampton (south-west London)

5. Where did the Grand slam, French Open take place ?
Answer:  Roland Garro (in Paris)

6. Where did the Grand slam, Australian Open take place ?
answer: Melbourne Park (in Melbourne)

7. Where did the Grand slam, US Open take place ?
answer: Flushing Meadows

8. Which is the oldest  oldest tennis tournament in the world ?
Answer:  Wimbledon

9. Which is the highest paying tennis tournament in the world ?
Answer: US Open

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Did you know where is Mount Kosciuszko situated ?


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