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Indian Research Institute and Location: General knowledge

Organization and Research institutes in India and place where it located

* Central Coconut Research Institute  =>> Kayamkulam (kerala)

Central Institute of Fisheries Technology =>> Ernakulam (Kerala)

National Institute of Oceanography =>> Panaji (Goa)

Central Marine Fisheries Institute =>> Mandapam Camp (South India)

* Forest Research Institute  =>>   Dehra Dun (Uttaranchal)

Indian Institute of Petroleum =>> Dehra Dun (Uttaranchal)

* Central Fuel Research Institute  =>>  Dhanbad, Jharkhand

*  Central Mining Research Station  =>>  Dhanbad

 Central Building Research Institute =>> Roorkee (Utter Pradesh)

Central Drug Research Institute =>> Lucknow (Utter Pradesh)

All India Institute of Medical Science =>> New Delhi

Central Road Research Institute =>> New Delhi

Indian Agricultural Research Institute =>> New Delhi

National Institute of Communicable Diseases =>> New Delhi

National Film Archives of India =>> New Delhi

Indian Textile Institute =>> Kanpur

* All India Institute of Speech and Hearing  =>>  Mysore (Karnataka)

Central Food Technology Research Institute =>> Mysore (Karnataka)

Central Leather Research Institute =>> Chennai (Tamilnadu)

Indian Cancer Research Centre =>> Mumbai


Some Important questions

Where is National Institute of Ayurveda situated ?
Answer: Jaipur

Where is National Institute of Homoeopathy situated ?
Answer: Calcutta

Where is National Institute of Unani Medicine situated ?
Answer:  Bangalore

Where is National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences situated ?
Answer: Bangalore

Where is National Institute of Siddha situated ?
Answer: Chennai

Where is National Institute of Immunology situated ?
Answer:  New Delhi

Where is National Institute of Naturopathy situated ?
Answer:  Pune

* Where is National Institute of Virology situated ?
Answer:  Pune

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