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Important Straits: Frequently asked Gk questions

Most Important straits and its location (Which separates some countries)

1. Palk Strait =>> Between India and Sri Lanka

2. Duncan Passage =>> South Andaman and Little Andaman

3. Ten Degree Channel =>> Little Andaman and Nicobar

4. English Channel =>> Between England and France

5. Florida Strait =>> Cuba and USA

6. Berring Strait =>> Russia and USA

7. Bass Strait =>> Between Australia and Tasmania

8. Strait of Gibralter =>> Between Spain and Morocco

9. Strait of Malaca =>> Between Malasiya and Sumatra (It also connects Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean)

10. Barents Strait =>> Between Scandinavian countries and Artic Ocean

11. Dover Strait =>> separates Great Britain from France

12. Bosphorus Strait =>> Divides Europe from Asia

13. Strait of Magellan =>> Connects Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean

14. Davis Strait =>> between Greenland and Canada

15. Drake Passage =>> Separates South America and Antarctica

*16. Strait of Hormuz =>> Connects Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman

*17. Bali  strait =>> separating Java and Bali 

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