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General knowledge: Ancient Books and Authors

1. Banabhatta Wrote the book =>> Harsha Charita, Kadambari

2. Megasthenes Wrote the book =>> Indica

3. Vishnu Sharma Wrote the book =>> Pancha Thantra

4. Vaghbata Wrote the book =>> Ashtangahridya

5. Aswaghosh Wrote the book =>> Buddha Charita

6. Chanakya Wrote the book =>> Arthasastra

7. Bhaskaracharya Wrote the book =>> Siddhanta Shiromani

8. Jayadeva Wrote the book =>> Gita Govinda

9. Panini Wrote the book =>> Ashtadhyayi

10. kalidasa Wrote the book =>> Abhijana Sakunthalam, Raghu Vansa, Kumara Sambhavam, Ritu Samhara, Malavikagnimitra, Meghdoot

11. Vatsyayana Wrote the book =>> Nyaya Bhashyam

12. Bharata Muni Wrote the book =>> Natya Sastra

13. Sudraka Wrote the book =>> Mricchakatika

14. Ilanko Atikal Wrote the book =>> Silapathikaram


  1. Pl. Make some Question Bank for GK to Students of Standard 4th to 6th Standard.

  2. kalaidasa's work is not ritu sanhara it is RITU SAMHARA and the other one is MEKHADOOTHAM

  3. It's Meghadhoot only not Mekhadootham.


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