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Simple but Important GK questions

Vitamin Deficiency Diseases

Vitamin A
=>> Nightblindness, Xerophthalmia

Vitamin B1 =>> BeriBeri

Vitamin B5 =>> Pellagra

Vitamin B12 =>> Pernicious anaemia

Vitamin B6 =>> Nervousness and insomnia

Vitamin B2 =>> Cracking of skin

Vitamin C =>> Scurvy

Vitamin D =>> Rickets

Vitamin K =>> Delay in blood coating

* 1. Who discovered Vitamin ?
Answer: R.C Funk

* 2. Who discovered Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) ?
Answer: R.C Funk

* 3. Which vitamin destroies in sunlight ?
Answer: Vitamin B2

* 4. Which Vitamin is known as Vitamin H ?
Answer: Biotin

* 5. Which Vitamin is known as Vitamin G ?
Answer: Riboflavin

*newly updated

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