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gk bits for psc and upsc exams

Expected Gk questions for psc exams. 

1. who was the founder of vishwabharti
answer: tagore

2. First lady IAS ?
answer: anna rajam

3. new name of big ben tower in london?
Answer: elizabeth tower

4. zero mile center of india?
Answer: Nagpur (charminar)

*5.Which is the  oldest stock exchange of the world?

Answer : The Stock Exchange in Amsterdam, Netherlands

*6.who is the author of white tiger?

Answer: aravind adiga

*7.UNSECO head office ?

Answer : Paris , france

* = recently updated

simple gk and current affairs questions for ldc exams

Selected simple gk and current affairs from online gk. 

Important Current events

a. first lady chief information officer?
Answer: deepak sandhu

b. Newly appointed RBI Governor?
Answer: Urjit Patel

More Simple Questions

1. who is the current loksabha speaker ?
ans: Meira Kumar

2. Who is the  Deputy Chairman of the Rajya Sabha?
ans:  pj kuryan

 3. who is the current rajya sabha chairman ?
ans: Mohammad Hamid Ansari

 4. america is in which part of the world?
 Ans: in Northern hemisphere many members are in europian union?
ans: 28 members

6. Who became the first player to win four successive ballon d'or awards ?
Answer: Lionel Mess

7. how many member in IMF.?
Answer: 188 Members

8. Who is known as the father of Indian Cricket ?

Answer: Renjith Singh

9. 2013 republic day guest
Answer: King of Bhutan, Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck

10. name of protein in milk
Answer: casein

 *11.Which element has no nutron?
Answer: Hydrogen

 *12. Kalinga Prize is related to ___?
Answer: Popularization of Science

*13.silent valley biosphere is in
Answer: palakad,kerala

*14. Zindagi Ka Karvan' book is an autobiography of
Answer: Former prime minister chandrasekhar

*15.who is the current nawab of patudi?
Answer:  Saif Ali Khan

*16. which is the biggest land locked country in the world??
Answer: Kazakhstan

*17.who is the president of world bank?
Answer: Dr. Jim Yong Kim

*18.present us secretary of state?
Answer: John Kerry

*19.present chairman of ISRO
Answer: Radhakrishnan

*20.current indian men's hockey coach ?
Answer: M. K. Kaushik


Latest gk  updates are represented with *

Computer Questions for competitive exams


Number of computer related questions are increasing rapidly. Here we are providing some Computer Gk and frequently asked keyboard shortcuts

1. name the fastest super computer in india ?

Ans: Saga220

2. saga 220 is developed by ______?

Ans: vikram sarabhai space centre

3. First super computer from India ?

Ans: PARAM 8000

4. Lisp is a programing language related to _________?

Ans: Artificial intelligence

5. Father of Artificial intelligence who was died on 2011 ?

Ans: John McCarthy

6. What is the nationality of  linus torvalds ?

Ans: Finland

7. Name the first supercomputer  ?

Ans: Cray-1

8. India's first Super computer ?

Ans: Param


Important Keyboard shortcuts

Global shortcuts

1. Alt + F          :   File menu options

2. Alt + E          :   Edit menu option

3. Alt + V         :   View menu option

4. F1               :    Help Window

5. Ctrl + A       :  Select All

6. Ctrl + X       : Cut

7. Ctrl + C       : Copy

8. Ctrl + V       : Paste

9. Shift +Arrow keys :  Make selection

10. Ctrl +Tab   : navigation for browser tabs

11. Alt+Tab     : Switch between minimized applications

12. Ctrl +O      : Open

13: Ctrl +W     : close current document or browser tab

14: Alt+F4      : Close Application

15. F5            : Refresh browser

16. Ctrl +P     :Print

17. Ctrl +F2   :Print preview (MS Office)

How the files are created?

bit -> byte -> field -> record -> file

file consists of Records
record consists of several fields
consists of Byte
Byte consists of  bits

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Why this blog ????

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Why gk ????

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My Apologies !!!!

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