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About me

Its too late to write a 'about me' page for this blog. Im going to leave this blog, that's why I am writing it.

Name :- Harisree

Age :- 21

Place :- Kerala

Educational Qualification :- Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Why this blog ????

When I start studying gk, I faced a problem, that I can't remember the things which I studied earlier. So I need to write it down some where for revision.. Then I thought Why can't I start a blog for that purpose.
Oh My God.. that's the most successful decision I have ever made..

Why gk ????

After finishing my course in EEE, I had a Big question.  What To Do Next??

My parents, relatives and every one compelled me to join Engineering. My classmates are also preferred engineering. I know my weaknesses and strengths, so I didn't opted Engineering. I know If I choose it, after 3  years later I will end up in Bank coaching  like others, Don't follow the crowd, let them follow you. But when you take risk you have the responsibility to make your way clean. If you lose, there were too many tongues waiting to curse you..

My Apologies !!!!

Very difficult part in this blog is to manage the Online gk. I used several nick names especially Devan.
Being an administrator I may be Baned you, Ignored you, or even deleted your comments. I have done all these for making this blog gk friendly (and my communication skill also a disaster ) . please accept my sincere and humble apologies

Let Me Tell You Something

"If You Work Hard in proper way, You'll Succeed". Working hard is always good but smart work is always required. So study in proper way you will get your dream job. (I always like to advice people rather than follow it in my life !!! ). 

Thanks for your support and feedbacks

NB: Every thing said above is purely on my behalves and there might be error on both theoretical and grammatical side


  1. All the best dear brother. You are done a great job. I really miss u.

  2. It's very useful brother. Please don't leave this blog.

  3. i read ur about me coloumn. and really it inspired me to do work smartly... thanks and its great work u r doing by this blog... gud luck for ur bright future and plz carry on this blog also...

  4. You really have done a great job for us thanks alot

  5. Do you think your website is able for adsense?

  6. Hello Brother,
    You've done a commendable job in your owned Blog and I find it immensely helpful. Please continue to assist us because you're vibrant in updating GKs of the world. Thank You.

  7. hello brother,
    good job broo!!!!!hatz off to ur wrk thanks lottt

  8. Great content. You have done Diploma in EEE, this is an honest work and you have convinced Google Adsense, that is smart work.


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