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Company Corporation gk questions solved

Answers of today's (08/06/2013) company corporation exam

Gk section answer key of company corporation exam
some of the questions which we discussed earlier are linked to the respective pages

1. Decibel is a unit of ?
Answer: Sound

2. Which of the following is used as rear view mirrors in vehicles ?
Answer: Convex mirror

3. Which of the following is not an ore of iron ?

a) Iron pyrites  b) Magnetite  c) Hematite  d) Magnesite
Answer: d) Magnesite

4. Which one of the following is known as the 'king of metal' ?

a) Iron  b) Gold  c) Platinum  d) Cobalt

5. Which is the alkaloid that contains in cola drinks ?
Answer: Caffeine

6. Which alloy is used for the production of the body of aeroplanes ?
Answer: Duralumine

7. The compounds which are used to give colour to glasses and oil paintings ?
Answer: Transition metals

8. Name the person who invented lightning conductor ?
Answer: Benjamin Franklin

9. What is the voltage at which house hold AC (Alternating Current) equipments work ?
a) 220 v   b) 230 v    c) 400v   d) 110v

Answer: 230 v

10. Which of the following is a device that employs the principle of Mutual Induction ?

 a) Electric motor    b) Microphone   c) Transformer    d) Electronic choke
Answer: Transformer

11. Dengue fever is caused by ?
Answer: IGM Dengue Virus

12.  The work of famous poet 'AKKITHAM' which got VAYALAR award in 2012 ?
Answer: Anthimahakalam

13. Which is the highest national Environment award ?
Answer: Vriksha Mithra award

14. Who is the second Indian who is appointed as head of ICC Cricket Committee ?
Answer: Anil Kumble  (First > Sunil Gasvaskar)

15. Who got Nobel Prize for literature in 2012 ?
Answer: Mo yan

16. The programme launched by Kerala state Government to protect women and children from sexual abuse and sexual harassment ?
Answer: Nirbhaya

17. The present chief Justice of India ?
Answer:  P. Sathasivam

18. The new name of Big Ben Tower ?
answer: Elizabeth Tower

19. The 14th Vice President of India ?
answer: Hameed Ansari

20. Which was the statistical model used for India's second five year plan for attaining economic development?
answer: Mahalanobis Model

21. The Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI) was established on ?
answer: 1992 April 12

22. Who was the first women Director General of Police in India?
answer:  Kanchan Chauduri

23. No child below the age of 14 can employed as per the Indian Constitution ?
answer:  Article 24

24. Who wrote the book 'Development as Freedom' ?
answer: Amartya Sen

25. The sex-ratio of Kerala (Females per 1000 Males) according to the Census of 2011 ?
answer: 1084

26. Untouchability is abolished under ?
Answer:  Article 17

27. Article 21 A deals with?
answer:  Right to Education

Did you know what is the theme of 2013 World Environment Day ?

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