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Gk Quiz questions: Abbreviations

Previously asked Abbreviations that you should know

CARE =>> Co-operative for American Relief Everywhere

COFEPOSA =>> Conservation of Foreign Exchange and Prevention of Smuggling Act

CHOGM =>> Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting

EPZ =>> Export Processing Zone

CSO =>> Central Statistical Organisation

FEMA =>> Froeign Exchange Management Act

HUDCO =>> Housing and Urban Development Corporation


  1. Full Form of NATO = North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

  2. I need general science questions .

  3. PETA = People for Ethical Treatment of Animals

  4. ISRO... Indian Space Research Organization Hadqurter at Bangalore established 1969

    DRDO...Defance Research Development Organization Hadqurter at DRDO Bhawan New Dehli formed in 1958

    NASA... National Aeronautics Space Administration Hadqurter at Woshingtan D.C(U.S.A) Established in 1958


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