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RRB Technical Grade 3 Exam Previous Questions

RRB Technical Grade 3 Exam Method for Preparation.

So many visitors are asking for guidelines to study RRB technical exam (grade 3). Till yesterday I didn't know about the question pattern of RRB technical Exam. But Today I wrote an exam, So I will share some Important points. I can't give all the questions because they taken back the question paper after the exam. I will give some, which I remember.

RRB Technical Grade 3 Exam Questions Asked on 16/12/2012

Mathematics is the One you need to concentrate because 60% questions are from maths and Mental ability. One who prepare maths very well have better chance to get in Rank List, because gk questions are simple. You should study the following area (Asked in 16/12/2012 RRB Technical Grade 3 ) before going to exam.

LCM and HCF, Percentage, Profit and Loss, Average, Ratio and Proportion, Time and Distance, Problems on Train (this is a sure question), Time and Work (Sure question), Simple and Compound Interest, Problems on age (sure question) and questions on triangle, rectangle etc.

There is only Two Current Affairs question asked on RRB technical exam (grade 3).

that is

* 1. Who is the present Supreme Court Chief Justice of India ?
Answer: P. Sathasivam

2. Mary Kom is related to which Sports ?
Answer: Boxing

General knowledge questions asked in the RRB technical exam (grade 3) is very simple , I will share some questions that I remember. There may be some changes in questions.

1. Which Planet is known as Red Planet ?
Answer: Mars

2. Where did Gautama Budha delivered his first sermon ?
Answer: Saranath

3. Where is Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary situates ?
Answer: Assam

4. Newton's Second laws equations ?
 Answer: Force = Mass x Acceleration

5. Full form of ROM ?
Answer: Read Only Memory

6. Header and Footer is included in which menu  (Ms office) ?
Answer: Insert

7. What is the Minimum age to participate in Rajya sabha ?
Answer:  30 Years

8. Koli is the Folk dance of ______ State ?
Answer: Maharashtra

9. 2012 London Olympics is held in which city ?
Answer: London

Technical Questions asked in the RRB technical exam (grade 3).

1. Ammeter is used to measure ?
Answer: Current

2. In a battery, sulfuric acid has a specific density of 1.2, then the Battery is ____ ?
Answer: Fully Charged

If I remember more, I will update it. If you know any please comment ....

Did you know which Indian place is known as Scotland of East ?

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  1. I remembered 1 questions

    1. Number of chromosomes in human?
    Answer: 46


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